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Applied Crypto Hardening for your self hosted infrastructure


especially in the post snowden era this sould be clear: if you host your own services like web-, database-, chat- or mailserver you should take your time to secure all those components. but how do you do this the right way? especially if you (as one example) set up ejabberd for the first time and and simply don't know any best practices when running a jabber server. it would be really handy to have a tin foil hat friend sitting behind you who could tell you what to do.

may i present to you: your new crypto best friend here you will find a security cheat sheet with information related to all major applications. i don't really get why i could only find a pdf version of the text but after all its a great resource. you can contribute via github and mailinglist or follow on twitter. what?! no instagram??

Tags: security, administration, tinfoilhat